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The 8th Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy takes place in Taichung, (Taiwan) from 2 until 5 October 2019. Organisers expect about 300 representatives from more than 30 countries to attend the four-day event in the city of Taichung. The Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is attended by a broad spectrum of actors, ranging from academics, over political stakeholders, to activists.

The conference theme this year is “Modern Participatory Democracy in Asia and Beyond: from People Power to Direct Democracy”. Over the course of three days, we will focus on recent measures to strengthen democratic development in Taiwan and East Asia in general, such as the amendments to the Taiwanese Referendum Act that decreased the voting age to 18 and lowered the thresholds for initiating and passing referendums. Seminars and workshops at the event will provide an excellent opportunity for local academics and officials to exchange views with foreign counterparts, paving the way for the further application of direct democracy practices in Taichung and worldwide.
Media is most welcome to cover this event on-site and from distance:
For all information on the 2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy and for inquiries regarding press accreditation please contact: Caroline Vernaillen at the Global Forum International Secretariat, hosted by Democracy International in Cologne, Germany. Telephone:  +49 2203 10 21 475, mail:
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